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The habit of going by boat have continued and become the source of inspiration to the wide variety of ship and ship related industry dominating the business environment of the community. Unlike many other regions with a heavy concentration of marine industries Ulstein has managed to emerge into the third millennium stronger than ever.

Flø, Floe Flø is a village on the outer edge of the main island Hareidlandet. Facing west with no islands to fence off the seas, it receives the weather all year around in a direct fashion.

There is no way of predicting what the weather is going to be like at Flø. And it better than those not living there seem to believe. Farmers, fishermen and the increasing number of artistic people who inhabit Flø are notoriously patriotic and indefensibly chained to the place forever.

The Studio Hugo Opdal at Flø knows more than clothes from "Moods of Norway".
 Studio Hugo Opdal