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The habit of going by boat have continued and become the source of inspiration to the wide variety of ship and ship related industry dominating the business environment of the community. Unlike many other regions with a heavy concentration of marine industries Ulstein has managed to emerge into the third millennium stronger than ever.

Moods of Norway, Studio Hugo Opdal About ten years after the last shop closed the doors at Flø, "Moods of Norway" opened the Fjord Store at this little parish. The shop is situated in the former shoolhouse together with the art gallery Studio Hugo Opdal.

Flø is approximately 10 km north and west of Ulsteinvik centre. A walk towards Flø takes you from calm waters to stunning ocean swells, breaking towards the shore at Flø. Most parts of the distance you may walk along the sea, passing numerous sandy beaches, but going by road also takes you close to the sea. The beutiful place hase a dozen well maintained tractors.
 Studio Hugo Opdal