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Picture from Ulsteinvik

 General information: Sunnmøre Golfclub is a golf course with 6 holes and a variation of difficulties. Sunnmøre Golfklubb formerly Ulstein Pitch and Put club sports a par three golf course at Hjørungavåg in neighbouring Hareid Community.
 Location: Møre and Romsdal County. A full size golf course at Hovden, Hareid, has recently been appointed planning permission and the final stages of project development are drawing to a close. Full-scale development will commence soon afterwards, pending financing.
 May - October  Greencard  NOK xx  NOK xx

 1  xxx  xxx  x
 2  xxx  xxx  x
 3  xxx  xxx  x
 4  xxx  xxx  x
 5  xxx  xxx  x
 6  xxx  xxx  x
 Length  xxxx  xxxx  xx