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 Peder Børresen
 Camilla Abry
 Moods of Norway
 Simen Stålnacke
 Stefan Dahlquist

Peder Børresen born in Son is a entrepreneur and designer. He started the fashion house Moods of Norway, along with Simen Stålnacke from Stryn, and has had success both in Norway and abroad.

Dahlquist and Stålnacke were studying at Hawaii Pacific University, when Børresen (who was an old friend of Stålnacke´s) visited. A conversation at a late night party about a fashion brand with a Norwegian twist led to the group launching the first collection in 2003.

Moods of Norway clothing brand was started by Stefan Dahlquist, Peder Børresen, and Simen Stålnacke. After a handful of stores in Norway, Japan, Sweden, Holland, and Switzerland, Moods of Norway opened a U.S. flagships store on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills and in New York.

Moods of Norway sports the slogan "Happy Clothes for Happy People." In the midst of their fun and edgy designs, the designers were able to incorporate their sense of humor. "234.243" is embroidered in every one of the men´s suits, referring to the number of tractors in Norway.

Peder Børresen residing in Oslo together with his wife Camilla Abry and son.

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