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 Petter Northug Jr.

Petter Northug Jr. is a cross country skier and double Olympic champion. He has 9 World Championship and Winter Olympic gold medals with 13 medals overall, and 11 individual FIS Cross-Country World Cup wins with 23 podium places. In September 2010 details of Northug´s sponsorship contract with soft drink manufacturer Red Bull were publicized by Norwegian broadcaster TV 2, which did not divulge its sources, revealing the most profitable sponsorship agreement with an individual athlete in Norwegian history. During the 2011 World Championship, he gained widespread international attention when he controversially crossed the finish-line sideways after convincingly beating his opponents. The gesture was regarded (by media, not said by Hellner) as utterly disrespectful, most notably towards his most fierce rival, swedish Marcus Hellner.

Petter Northug participated and cashed (on 653rd place) in the 2010 World Series of Poker main event which he played with close friend and rival swedish Marcus Hellner.

He has two brothers, Even and Tomas. Petter Northug finished school in 2006, but during the summer of 2005 he changed schools from Steinkjer to Meråker and moved into a cabin next to the ski trails to optimize his training conditions.

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