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 Håkon Gullvåg

Håkon Gullvåg is a painter, known for his portraits and for their distinctive images with alienated people in the gloomy landscapes and images with fanciful scenarios. Håkon Gullvåg began at art school in Trondheim as a 17-year-old. A breakthrough came in 1981, when the National Gallery bought the painting "Wooden Horse". Another breakthrough came in 1983, with his first exhibition in Gallery Dobloug, Oslo. Since then Gullvåg held a central place in the Norwegian art scene.

Håkon Gullvåg is especially known for his religious art, and for his portraits of prominent people in Norway. Håkon Gullvåg has a large portrait production, and working on plans for a national portrait gallery. His first portrait was painted in 1982, including the actor Leif Jacobsen. He created the debate with his portraits of King Harald V in 2000 and Queen Sonja in 2002. Eventually, he has everything painted three portraits of the Queen and four of the King.

Gullvåg has portrayed a wide range of artists (among Arve Tellefsen) and leaders, and working with a series of portraits of all 300 popes. His portraits are of common goals "unsightly" but succeeds unusually often to depict the object´s nature and character. He often create an entire series of portraits of the same person, as when he made 12 versions of then Dagbladet editor Arve Solstad, under title 12 attempts for an editorial portrait (1995).

Håkon Gullvåg has worked with church art since 1995, with the altar in the church Seegård, 1997 as the first major work. and has made episcopal coat of Nidaros bishop and other church made textiles and altarpieces. It provoked controversy and debate when in 2005 he was invited to exhibit paintings in the cathedral. The pictures were a comment and a reply to the dome´s glass paintings.

Håkon Gullvåg illustrated Oscar Wilde´s novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray", and Knut Hamsun´s novel Pan. The images of Pan was first published in an art folder with 12 lithographs, published by the French kunstforleggeren Eduoard Weiss the novel´s 100th anniversary in 1994. For Wilde, he has also created a series of paintings that reply to the Ballad of Reading Gaol. Along with Earl Bleken he made in 1997, an exterior wall decoration in Biskop Darres gate 10, Svartlamoen, in protest against Trondheim Municipality´s plans to turn down the area.

Håkon Gullvåg has two studios in Trondheim and one at Ekely in Oslo, and commute between the two cities weekly. He is affiliated Gallery Ismene in Trondheim and Dobloug Gallery in Oslo. He received Sør-Trøndelag county Culture price in 2000.

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