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Aker Solutions, Come work with us

Aker Solutions ASA a oil services company headquartered at Fornebu is a global provider of products and services in engineering, construction, maintenance, modification and operation of new and existing oil and gas fields. The company, with roots back to 1841, was known as Aker Kværner prior to 2008.

The predecessor company, Aker Kværner was founded in 2004 as the result of a major restructuring of a complex "Aker Kværner" business unit, formed originally in 2002 by the merger of Aker Maritime and Kværner Oil & Gas. On 3 April 2008, Aker Kværner was renamed to Aker Solutions, partly due to the difficulty that most non-Norwegian people found in pronouncing "Kværner".

The company was majority controlled by Aker ASA until 2007. Through a major ownership restructuring on 22 June 2007, Aker ASA completely exited its holding in Aker solutions, and transferred a 40% stake to Aker Holding - which in turn owned by Aker ASA (60%), the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry (30%), SAAB (7.5%) and Investor AB (2.5%).

Aker Solutions is present worldwide with offices in many countries and on every continent (except Antarctica). In Norway they are in Arendal, Fornebu, Bergen, Egersund, Hammerfest, Horten, Kristiansand, Kristiansund, Lyngdal, Midsund, Moss, Narvik, Oslo, Porsgrunn, Sandnes, Sandnessjøen, Stavanger, Stokke, Stord, Tranby, Tromsø, Trondheim, Ågotnes and Ålesund.

It operates globally and directly employ approximately 23,500 people in around 30 countries. Aker Solutions sells products and services that range from oil exploration, through development of new fields and platforms, to services aimed at prolonging the life of existing fields. The main offerings include:

Aker Solutions is a global provider of engineering services for new builds, as well as maintenance and modification of existing facilities in the upstream oil and gas industry. The company"s offering ranges from concept and feasibility studies, front-end design and detailed engineering for new oil and gas production facilities offshore. The MMO (maintenance, modifications and operations) unit also has the capacity to deliver so-called "turnkey" installations from its yard in Egersund, on the south west coast of Norway.

Aker Solutions delivers complete drilling equipment and systems, including drilling risers, which are produced at the company´s manufacturing sites in Malaysia and Brazil. It is one of the world´s two leading suppliers of offshore drilling equipment (the other being National Oilwell Varco of the US).

Aker Solutions delivers a wide range of wellstream processing technologies, which help treat and transform the oil and gas from their natural state in the reservoir to prodcuts that can be marketed and sold by the major oil companies. The treatments include a range of separation technologies (separating oil, gas, water and solids such as salt and sand).

The company delivers products such as fairleads and anchor winches used in the mooring of ships, floating platforms and drilling rigs, and complete systems for loading and offloading of oil and gas between oil producing platforms and big tank vessels.

The company provides subsea and sub-surface products and services for oil companies. The offerings range from design, through manufacturing and commissioning to maintenance services.

Aker Solutions delivers products and services that help clean up wells, which improves the flow of hydrocarbons to the surface, thereby making the field more efficient and profitable. On July 4, 2008, Aker Qserv entered into an agreement with Aker Solutions to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Aker Well Service AS. Aker Qserv is headquartered in Aberdeen and has facilities in the UK, Asia and West Africa. Aker Qserv is a leader in the provision of well intervention services in the North Sea with an international presence. Kjell Inge Røkke controlling Aker Solutions..

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