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voss water

Voss is a Norwegian brand of bottled water. It is available in both still and sparkling forms. Voss is bottled by Voss of Norway ASA, a Norwegian Limited Company headquartered in Oslo and New York City.

Voss water is bottled in Oggevatnet. The company adds bicarbonate to the sparkling version, hence the elevated mineral reading compared to the still version. The water is marketed in over 50 countries, with a particular focus on the United States. In 2007, Women´s Health magazine´s rated Voss first among several bottled waters.

Perhaps more to the point in today´s world of lifestyle trends, Voss´s stunning cylindrical package has quickly developed a superior image and significant market share in the ultra-premium bottled water segment. The cylindrical glass bottle was designed by Neil Kraft.

Voss claims its manufacturing process is completely carbon neutral. In the US, some of the VOSS still water is actually packaged in plastic (not glass) bottles that retain the cylindrical design.

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