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M A S Q U E  O N  -  M A S Q U E  O F F !

Many celebrities complain about the extent to which paparazzi invade their personal space, and some have even filed a restraining order against them. If a PAPARAZZI take pictures of U, put a Tmasque in your face and decide what motif to use. With a Tmasque as a Shield U can go as you are, and let them take pictures. Today everybody can be a paparazzi becouse the mobilPhone.

Tmasque have made lot of different faces, let the Tmasque tell the surounding about your mood today. Choose different moods on the Tmasque and you can actually make a conversation. The Tmasque will also match what you wear.

The Tmasque is designed like a Suregal mask, but is shaped like a T-shirt. The Tmasque are made of Ecological cotton and is the Ultimate Travel accessory. The Tmasque will match what you wear and what mood your in. The Tmasque are Washable, comes in 6 different colors and is a patented product of Norway. The graphic images is hand painted or silkscreened.


A BodyBag will protect the Tmasque. Put a Dirty Tmasque into the BodyBag and WASH it when you get home. A Tmasque is the Ultimate Travel accessory that will fit in your toiletry bag, in a purse, in your pocket and inside a DVD cover for longer storage.

A special DVD cover and you will allways remember where the Tmasque is.

tmasque, bodybag, leather

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