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 Alpine skiing
 Oline Spa
 Golsfjellet mountain
 Pers Hotel
 Hallingdal valley

Gol muncipality and Golsfjellet mountain is a paradise for cross-country skiers with many machine-prepared tracks in varied terrain and marked trails high up in the mountains for keen skiers. Gol and Hemsedal form together a complete skiing arena. It´s only 30 km or a 30-minute drive between the two villages, with 9 bus connections a day. Service centre for the entire region with a large number of shops, schools, accommodation, restaurants and even a liquor store. Gol are located in the heart of Norway´s mountain wilds, offering challenges and fun for everyone.

Gol can offer you many different services, whether you prefer the outdoor life, shopping or a nice evening out. The local people consider Gol as the heart of Hallingdal where most of the industrial trade and comercial buisnesses will be found. Here you will find a wide specter of local shops with a large choice in souveniers, presents and handicraft art as well as a shopping center. Here you also find a state owned Vinmonopol where you are able to buy spirits and wines.

Beautiful mountains, thriving communities and not least the short distance to the majestic fjords of Western Norway, make a vacation here an unforgettable experience. From here you can make day trips in all directions and experience spectacular mountains, glaciers and gorgeous waterfalls.

Whether you are an active, outdoors person or just want to relax and enjoy the scenery. Their faces give them away. Grown-ups don´t just come here to keep their children happy, they have just as good a time themselves. Not least, they like seeing that their children can experience unspoiled, beautiful scenery and that they can be around animals which they can hold and pet. Or how about taking a ride down a water slide in a tropical waterpark (Tropicana and Oline Spa at Pers Hotel), reeling in a mountain trout or experiencing traditional mountain diary life?

Century-old log buildings, turfed roofs, stave churches, mountain dairies, the Halling hat dance and local Hallingdal foods. Genuine experiences that stimulate all senses. Gol are living proof that old traditions can successfully co-exist with modern society. In Gol, mountain dairying with cheese making and churning are still part of community life.

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