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tmasque, ecological

The Tmasque fit in a BodyBag, a BodyBag fit in a DVD Cover. A Tmasque is the Ultimate Travel accessory that will fit in your toiletry bag, in a purse, in your pocket and inside a DVD cover for longer storage. A special DVD cover and you will allways remember where the Tmasque is.

PIMP any movie "Of Your Choice" or make a NEW one, then you always KNOW where the Tmasque are when you need it. Download FREE Covers and print them out.

The Tmasque will protect you against potentially contaminated fluid splashes and easy breathing. Coverage from above Nose to below Mouth to under Chin (under Mouth). Tmasque will protect you against almost everything... FluSeason (NO complications), Allergy, Airpolution, Cold weather, Fire, Ashes, Demonstration, FastFood, Halloween, Make Up, Acne / Pimples, Paparazzi, Vampires etc.