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tmasque, ecological, wear it, save it, bag it
tmasque, ecological, wear it, save it, bag it
tmasque, ecological
A Tmasque is the Ultimate Travel accessory that will fit in your toiletry bag, in a purse, in your pocket and inside a DVD cover for longer storage. A special DVD cover and you will allways remember where the Tmasque is.

The Tmasque will protect you against potentially contaminated fluid splashes and easy breathing. Coverage from above Nose to below Mouth to under Chin (under Mouth). Tmasque will protect you against almost everything... FluSeason (NO complications), Allergy, Airpolution, Cold weather, Fire, Ashes, Demonstration, FastFood, Halloween, Make Up, Acne / Pimples, Paparazzi, Vampires etc.

Wet T-shirt get a new meaning when use of a Tmasque can save Your Life in a Fire. A Wet Tmasque in your face instead of a Wet towel and you have BOTH hands free. The smoke from a fire is extremely toxic and can put you out of the game after only a few breaths. Keep a BodyBag / Tmasque in your toiletry bag at any time because U never now when it come handy.