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 Tamokdalen valley

Tamokdalen is a 30 km long valley in the municipality boundary between Balsfjord and Målselv and goes through the valley in the very south, about the Erikbufossen in Tamokelva river. The valley begins where Lyngsalpene ends in the south until it meets Målselva river in the north. Valley Floor is about 200 meters above sea level, the highest mountain is 1,600 meters above sea level.

The name is of Sami origin, and actually means "Trout Valley". Tamokelva river which flows through the valley and into Målselva river, starting at the entrance to Finndalen at Harkinn farm. The valley is surrounded by high mountains, characteristic of Troms, including Rostafjellet, Hattavarre and Tamokfjellet. The long, narrow, spooky, spectacular Øksehøgget in Tamok is choose the Norway´s toughest skirun.

Time-lapse photography of the Northern Lights and nighttime sky over Lyngsfjord Adventure´s wilderness camp, Camp Tamok. The modern city of Tromsø is just one hours drive from Camp Tamok where Lyngsfjord Adventure offers the visitor a great chance to experience the Northern Lights.

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