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Aker ASA is a Norwegian holding company engaged in offshore fishing, construction and engineering. The company is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange and is controlled by Kjell Inge Røkke with 66.66% ownership through TRG Holding. The corporate headquarters are located in Oslo.

Akers Mekaniske Verksted, commonly referred to as Akers Mek, located on the Aker River in Oslo, started up in 1841, at first producing a variety of mechanical equipment but later focusing on shipbuilding. In the 19th century the company focused on construction of whaling-, passenger- and cargo ships. The company later started production of tankers. In the 1970s Aker entered the petroleum market, producing oil platforms. In the 1980s Aker merged with Norcem creating a large cement group in Norway with focus on the offshore industry. This part of the group was sold in 1999.

Kjell Inge Røkke used his investment company Resource Group International to purchase large amounts of Aker shares, and merged the two companies in 1996 to form Aker RGI. Through the listed partial subsidiary, Aker Maritime, Aker acquired its competitor, the offshore engineering and construction company Kværner, in 2000 and merged Aker Maritime and Kværner into Aker Kværner. Kværner had been through major economical trouble due to a bad market in the late 1990s because of the low oil price and the failed purchase of the British company Trafalgar House. After the merger the holding company changed its name back to just Aker.

In 1999, after clearing European anti-monopoly concerns, Aker and Apax Partners merged their warehouse technologies and material handling units to form the Dexion Group Ltd (Apax) and Constructor AS (Aker); in 2000, the Dexion Group was acquired by Aker and merged with Constructor, while the Australia/Asia Pacific operations were sold. In 2007, as part of the Aker Material Handling group of companies, Constructor/Dexion was sold to the Swedish finance investor Altor Equity Partners.

Aker´s Industrial holdings totalled NOK 17.4 billion at the end of 2014. This equates to 70 per cent of the total net asset value of Aker ASA and its holding companies. The Industrial holdings business segment comprises the investments in Det norske, Aker Solutions, Akastor, Kværner, Ocean Yield, Aker BioMarine and Havfisk. Aker has a long-term investment horizon for these companies, and will remain invested for as long as it believes that it can generate greater shareholder value through its ownership than alternative owners could.

Aker is actively involved in the development of its seven industrial portfolio companies, cooperating closely with each company’s board and management. Every investment is monitored by a dedicated investment team, and Aker has representatives on the various company boards.

inancial investments totalled NOK 7.6 billion at the end of 2014, including NOK 2.9 billion in cash. This equates to 30 per cent of the total asset value of Aker ASA and holding companies. The Financial investments segment encompasses cash, liquid fund investments, other public investments, the real estate development company Fornebuporten and other financial investments. Aker´s financial investments are managed by its central finance function, under the direction of Aker´s CFO and an investment director with day-to-day responsibility for the administration of the portfolio. The mandate is to develop, maximise and realise investments.

Cash reserves of NOK 2.9 billion and liquid fund investments of NOK 0.4 billion give Aker financial flexibility. Fornebuporten´s sale of three office buildings as part of the first phase of Aberdeen International Business Park in Scotland released approximately NOK 1 billion for Aker.

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