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Hasvik is situated on the western side of Norway´s fourth largest island (other than Svalbard) Sørøya. Sørøya is Norway´s fourth-largest island and is located along the western Finnmark coast - more precisely at 70.40° N.

 Sørøya island  
cod weighed 47 kg and was 160 centimeters long

Hasvik, which comprises the three main villages of Hasvik in the south, Sørvær at the western tip and Breivikbotn within the Breivikfjord between the two villages. Sørøya is often claimed to be "one of the most beautiful of the islands" in Norway.

The place is in the fall and winter, a good place to hunt extreme weather and the Northern Lights.

German Michael Eisele was fishing outside Sørøya in Breiviksfjorden, in April 2013 and caught the biggest fish ever caught on rod. The cod weighed 47 kg and was 160 centimeters long

 Sørøya Havfiskecenter