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 Tranøy Lighthouse

Tranøy Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse located on the islet of Tranøy in the municipality of Hamarøy. It is located about 2.5 kilometres west of the village of Tranøy. The islet is attached to the mainland by a 250 metres long footbridge. Guided tours in the lighthouse. The lighthouse here was originally built in 1864 and in 1991 the light was automated. Tranøy Lighthouse is an active lighthouse. It was lit for the first time in 1864 and was automated in 1991. Tranøy light stands 27.3 meters tall, 28 meters above the high tide mark.

The present lighthouse was built in 1914 as the Moholmen Lighthouse in Vågan, but it was relocated here in 1936 and Moholmen was replaced by a shorter tower. Beginning in 1993, the Tranøy lighthouse station has been developed as a tourist attraction. The site is remarkably scenic, with a spectacular view across the Vestfjorden to the high mountains of the Lofoten islands. Tranøy Lighthouse is accessible by road, with a footbridge that leads to the lighthouse.

In 1993 the Tranøy site opened for tourism, with accommodation in the houses and a pleasant cafe in the boathouse. There are three houses with 15 rooms total, 36 beds with the possibilities to extend this with 7 extra beds.
Every room is different and all have a seaside view. 
Most rooms share a bathroom with floor heating per six persons.
Cleaning, bed linen and towels are included. 
Tranøy Fyr is for people who want a different experience. There is no radio or tv in the rooms. The rooms and furnishing are very attractive indeed.

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