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 Zakarias Dam

 Gudbrandsjuvet Canyon

Near the Valldøla river in Alstad a hotel called Juvet Landscape Hotel have been recived the honour to be one of the best hotel in the world by a lot of famous magazines.

Here is what Wallpaper say:

After checking in to the soul-stirring Scandic resort of the Juvet Landscape Hotel in Wallpaper, we got decidedly hooked on the idea of the cabin retreat. Needless to say we´re not talking roadside hut here, but architecturally interesting, fully decked out, five-star luxury suites, complete with the privacy that only being in your very own structure can offer.

Spanning four continents, and grounded in every setting from sprawling countryside to built-up metropolis, here´s the finest, currently available in cabin class.

Gudbrandsjuvet canyon is a river current in the river Valldøla. Impressive chain of river potholes that form a 5 metres wide and approximately 20 metres deep canyon with the river passing through. The torrential river flows between the crevices and cracks in the rock and meet from quite unexpected angles, before it flows under the bridge and plunging further down the valley. The spectacular water game is a tourist attraction and it is built platforms and bridges in a mixture of glass and iron rustkorrodert in both walls and floors. This provides easy access for all. In Valldal it´s possible to go rafting in Valldøla and mountain climbing.

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