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 Zakarias Dam

 Juvet Landscape Hotel

Gudbrandsjuvet ravine is a river current in the river Valldøla. Impressive chain of river potholes that form a 5 metres wide and approximately 20 metres deep canyon with the river passing through. The canyon is part of the National Tourist Route along the county road 63 from Geiranger to Trollstigen. County road crossing the river bridge over the canyon approximately 15 km from Valldal.

The torrential river flows between the crevices and cracks in the rock and meet from quite unexpected angles, before it flows under the bridge and plunging further down the valley. The spectacular water game is a tourist attraction and it is built platforms and bridges in a mixture of glass and iron rustkorrodert in both walls and floors. This provides easy access for all. In this area the distinctive Juvet Landscape Hotel, with seven separate rooms on stilts around the gorge.

 Valldøla river
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