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The demands of our everyday life sweep us along. To have more time to ourselves is what we seem to long for more than anything; more time with our family, friends, our loved ones. What happened to all that time we had on our hands? Many of us go traveling in order to try to recapture some of it. But where do we go? Thankfully, there are still places that can take you away from the mundane, everyday demands, where you can find peace of mind, serenity, time to enjoy the beauty around you. Norway´s spectacular landscape may be what you have been looking for. Here you find a pure environment, free from noise and distractions, fewer people per square kilometer than anywhere else in Europe, an abundance of natural beauty.


The Great Life Company consists of a collection of beautiful places. Each place has its own unique expression, which occurs when beautiful nature meets houses designed with respect of local culture, tradition, and building standards.

The business of The Great Life Company is founded on the basic idea that there is a positive connection between the physical environment that we are in, and the thoughts that we think. We believe that nature, houses, the interior, the bed, food, and wine have great significance for our happiness and security, freedom and well-being.

People who are surrounded by beauty, get a surplus of energy that can be used to think new and creative thoughts. Our way of designing and running our places is based on this philosophy. That is why we put great store by the esthetic qualities of our different places; the nature that surrounds them, how the houses are placed in the landscape, exterior and interior design.

Our starting point was something of a protest against all the standardised hotel concepts of the 1970s and 80s. The Great Life Company believes that esthetics and functionality can be combined - at competitive prices.

Ours special treasure chest: Family recipes and local culinary "secrets" that have passed from one generation to another. These often more than 100 year-old recipes are not fancy or do not follow fashion, but are part of a traditon that a new generation of Norwegian chefs have integrated into dishes that have won international fame over the last decade.

Experienced travelers understand that the destination is just part of the total journey. We present you with twenty destinations, each worth a visit. However, at the same time we want you to give yourself time enough to enjoy what is en route: We sincerely hope you will have a chance to experience rise before you; that birch trees´ leaves have sprung when you sit down for lunch at the Bjørnsgard chalets just outside Oslo and that the Hemsedal mountains, when the morning fog is lifting in autumn, can show you their very brightest red and yellow colours.

The internationally well-known author (and frequent visitor to Norway) H.M. Enzenberger, has written about this, and about what travelers in the future will be looking for: "That which will be in short supply, expensive and attractive in our galloping time of consumption, are the elementary things in life, such as clean water and enough space. The luxury of the future will be to renounce the superfluous and search for the essential."





Grefsenkollen Restaurant

Culinary Academy


Trugstad Gård


Harahorn Hotel


Grann Hotel


Kleivstua Hotel