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 Fredriksten Fortress

Halden is also known as the empire town because of its buildings in the French Empire style which flourished in Norway in the first half of the 19th century.

The most prominent of these buildings are Rød Herregård (a well-preserved country manor) and the Immanuel Church. Fredriksten Fortress is the most conspicuous part of the town´s scenery where it looms proudly above the town and gives Halden its characteristic appearance.

The fjord runs along the Swedish border from the Singlefjord and the idyllic Hvaler islands to the village of Berby in the Enningdal valley. The outermost stretch is called the Ringdalsfjord, but from the point where it makes a sharp bend and further south, it is called the Iddefjord.

The fjord has an abundant variety of fish species, and bathing is a popular attraction in the summer. This part of the fjord that runs along the border to Halden has been called eastern Norway´s only west coast fjord. It is narrow and idyllic with surprising, steep natural formations on both sides.

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