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It is easy to fall in love with Risør. This white town on the Skagerrak is the melting pot of Sørlandet. Outer Risør has the magnificent archipelago and romantic Sørland houses which stand shoulder to shoulder around the beautiful harbour. Everything goes on inside Risør. Street life is more continental than Norwegian.

The architecture in Risør bears witness to 300 years of development, and the town is known for its beautifully preserved wooden buildings. The town first flourished as a port for exporting timber to the Netherlands. A memorial to this era is the elegant Baroque style church, "The Church of the Holy Spirit", built in 1647.

Risør is also known for its galleries, three of them are open all year round. During the summer comes at least three more, which is quite good concidering that Risør town has only 7.000 inhabitants. The intimate environment in Risør is perfect for the chamber music festival which draws both Norwegian and international musicians and audiences in the month of June. In August, boat lovers flock to Risør to enjoy the elegant lines and traditional workmanship of Europes largest collection of wooden boats during the Wooden Boat Festival.

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