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 Lyngen Alps

The Lyngen Alps is mainly located in the municipalities of Lyngen and Balsfjord, although there are mountains further south and east, but not as impressive as the Lyngen Alps. At Balsfjord lies the mountain peak Blåtind or The Sleeping Soldier.

Lyngen is literally crowded with peaks and glaciers, with the mountains rising directly out of the fjords to a height of 6,000 feet. The area is referred to as the Lyngen Alps.

The Lyngen Alps is a mountain range east of Tromsø. The mountains follows the western shore of the Lyngenfjord. The length is at least 90 km (depending on definition, there are mountains all the way south to the border with Sweden), and the width is 15 - 20 km. The mountains dominates the Lyngen, which is bordered by the Lyngenfjord to the east, and Ullsfjorden to the west.

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