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800 metres from the town centre is Narvik´s modern cable car, refurbished in 1995. It takes only 7 minutes to climb 670 metres up to the Fagernesfjellet mountain. On Fagernesfjellet Mountain, 5 ski lifts take you up to heights of 1003 metres above sea level.

From the top, you can follow precipitous slopes almost down to the water«s edge and you«re most likely to see hanggliders and paragliders floating down the mountainsides. Over recent years, Narvik has become increasingly popular with snowboarders from all over the world. You´ll also see a growing number of Telemark skiers on the slopes. On Fagernesfjellet mountain there is also a restaurant.

The skiing season is a long one in Narvik. It starts in October/November with floodlit runs during the dark winter months, and lasts until May. Just over the border into Sweden, the ski season lasts even longer until Midsummer Day.

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