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At the southernmost tip of Karmøy, with its lighthouses facing the Skudefjorden fjord and the North Sea lies the charming sailing vessel town of Skudeneshavn. Its history goes back to the 1800s when the herring fisheries created a hectic activity in the town and when what we today refer to as the old part of town was built.

Skudeneshavn´s old town (Gamle Skudeneshavn), consisting of 225 wooden houses, is regarded as one of the best preserved in Europe. It could be said that the Mælandsgården Museum presents the town´s history in a nutshell. Today Skudeneshavn is one of the best preserved of all our small towns. Guided tour of the quaint historic districts in Skudeneshavn starting from the Tourist Information Office.

Did you know that the copper of the Statue of Liberty in New York came from Karmøy? Only a few people know that the Vinsnes mine, at the turn of the century was northern Europes largest mining community, supplied a number of projects with copper, among them the Statue of Liberty. The mines has since been transformed into an attractive museum.

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