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TINE is a leading Norwegian brand supplier which daily delivers products throughout Norway. Around 12,000 farmers on 10,000 farms are the foundation for TINE´s business operations. Every day we make products with passion and love for traditions built over many years in a number of dairies in our country. We also take responsibility for promoting small-scale production and diversity.

TINE is the largest Norwegian dairy product cooperative. TINE is a cooperative society owned by its suppliers, the milk producers who deliver milk to the company.

TINE corporation domestically offers the entire spectrum of dairy products.

TINE produces most of the brunost in Norway, and currently has 12 varieties to choose from. Several local dairies in Norway produce their own versions. brunost, also called raudost or mysost, is a caramelised brown Scandinavian whey cheese. The main Norwegian and the German names mean brown cheese, and the others mean simply whey cheese. Another variant, made using goat milk, is referred to and sold as geitost ("goat cheese") or sometimes elsewhere as gjetost). Geitost is made from a mixture of goat´s and cow´s milk, and ekte geitost (real geitost) is made with goat´s milk only.

TINEs domestically offers the entire spectrum of dairy products. Tine´s internationally known products are Jarlsberg cheese, Snøfrisk goat cheese, Ridder cheese, and Ski-Queen (geitost). Tine is one of the twelve agricultural cooperatives in Norway.


In the 1820s, Swiss master cheese makers visited Norway´s Jarlsberg & Laurvig County (now known as Vestfold County). The Swiss were famous for making cheese with holes, and they taught the locals some of their closely guarded secrets. The locally produced Swiss cheese disappeared over time, but the legend of its memorable taste lived on together with the cheese-making traditions.

By 1956 a group of students and scientists at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences decided to explore these cheese legends and to combine them with modern cheese making technology. They trawled ancient texts and recipes, and under the leadership of Professor Ole Martin Ystgaard they created a cheese with fine, round holes. The cheese was given the name Jarlsberg.

So why does it taste so good? How do we make it so nutty and delicious? And crucially, how do we get the holes inside? Well, every legend has its mysteries, and this one is of Norway´s most closely guarded secrets. So when you gather with family or friends to enjoy the fine taste of Jarlsberg, you can invent a few legends of your own.


Selbu is famous for the idyllic Selbusjøen, Norway´s finest woolen mittens and since 2005 the unique flavor of "Selbu Blå". At the farms in Selbu we found the raw materials we needed, so we ended up with the "Selbu Blå" that we have today. When the local milk fills the tanks at the dairy, starting a cheese is as carefully guarded until the finished cheese is available. After the cheese is spun off, it´s pressed together and so turn. The holes open the cheese and is the most secret in Selbu, the special mold mixture to be allowed to develop in a controlled environment and putting the unique and exotic flavor.


A healthy diet is important for good health. TINE is concerned nutrition and physical activity and want to contribute to a better public health. In the government´s dietary guidelines recommended low-fat dairy products as an important part of a healthy diet.

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