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 Undredal Stave Church

Undredal is a small village and is located along the Aurlandsfjord, about 5 kilometres south of the Nærøyfjord. The popular tourist destination of Undredal is located along the Aurlandsfjord which is a branch off the massive Sognefjord in Norway´´s "fjord-country." It is most beautiful and also home to the smallest Stave church in Northern Europe.

Undredal is famous for the brown goat cheese (geitost) that is still produced the traditional way. The production of cheese is important to the local economy as eight farms produce 10 to 12 short tons of cheese each year. Goat sausage is also produced locally.

The Gudvanga Tunnel is Norway´s second longest road tunnel (11,428 metres). The tunnel connects the village of Gudvangen, at the head of the Nærøyfjord, with the Undredalen valley and is part of European Route E16.

After passing through the Gudvanga Tunnel, drivers pass through a number of other tunnels. About 500 metres east of the eastern exit from the Gudvanga Tunnel a new tunnel begins: the 5,053-metre long Flenja Tunnel which ends at Flåm. Approximately 1 kilometre after that tunnel is the 1,363-metre Fretheim Tunnel. About 7 kilometres further to the east (near Aurlandsvangen) is the entrance to the 24.5-kilometre long Lærdal Tunnel, which is the world"s longest road tunnel. This means that in a 51.5 kilometres section of the E16, 43 kilometres of that distance consists of tunnels.

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