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 Torgeir Straand

Torgeir Straand was born in and is a Hardanger fiddle player. In 2006 he released the album "Den gærne bøheringen" (The crazy bøheringen). Torgeir Straand is also the inventor and CEO of the company BLE Engineering.

BLE Engineering is a limited liability engineering company incorporated in 2005 in the town of Kongsberg. BLE Engineering now have additional facilities in Telemark Teknologipark. Initially, the company aimed to be a cost effective and practical solution provider of mechanical engineering and design. Lately, BLE Engineering also sell their own products, and have manufactured prototypes, purpose-made and job-specific components and systems as well as proprietary products and EPC-deliveries.

The inhabitants of rural Norway have traditionally, due to geographical obstacles, sparse population and lack of infrastructure, been adapted to self-sufficiency, cunning and innovation in order to improve their lot. BLE Engineering endeavours to draw on this tradition combined with novel academic concepts such as systems engineering and backed up by highly professional machining and manufacturing facilities provided by Telemark Technologies or collaborating companies.

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