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 Villa Fridheim

Norefjell is one of the most dominating mountains in Southern-Norway, and is considered as the "real" mountain closest to Oslo. It stretches between the valleys Eggedal (west) and Hallingdal (east) in Norway. It covers parts of the municipalities Flå, Sigdal, and Krødsherad.

Norefjell Ski Resort is an alpine ski resort, located in Krødsherad, about one and a half hours drive north of Oslo. Norefjell was host to the downhill and giant slalom competitions of the 1952 Winter Olympics. Norefjell´s highest mountains are Gråfjell (1,468 meters) and Høgevarde, (1,459 meters).

Norefjell Ski Resort is located south of Høgevarde, with 13 ski lifts providing access to 25 groomed runs, for a total of 26 km of slopes with a drop of 1010 meters. In the event of large snowfalls, early risers can enjoy unprepared "powder" on the slopes. Norefjell´s snowboard area features a big jump and many other features.

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