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 Briksdals glacier

The 118 meters long suspension bridge and climb the trail Via Ferrata Loen between the mountains Hoven and Middle Tongue. The Gjølmunnebridge is 750 meters above sea level, in the middle of the bridge is 160 meters straight down.

Loen Active is the owner of the bridge, and the company offers guided tours and hire of equipment. The time spent on a guided tour: about 5 hours.

The bridge was established July / August 2013, companies HZI from Austria was responsible for the design and installation together with local firms.

In May 2017 one of the greatest and most spectacular tourism projects in Norway opens, at the inner part of the Nordfjord, in the heart of Fjord Norway. A Cable Car to Mount Hoven will lift you from the fjord to 1011 meters. The cable car will bring you from the fjord to the mountain in a few minutes. Here you can enjoy the views of the fjord landscape from the restaurant table, or hiking in the mountains.

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