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 Telemark Canal

Giant mirrors on a 400-metre peak reflect sunshine into dark town of Rjukan. The mountains that surround Rjukan are high and the mighty Gaustatoppen (1883 meters) and the steep hillsides south of the city makes Rjukan whitout sunshine during the winter months, from October to March. Every year they celebrated the sun´s return with great SolFest at the square.

Sam Eyde, the founder of the Norsk Hydro, launched in 1913, the idea of "the sun mirror at Rjukan." He had a need to provide their workers opportunities to sunlight on snow. He got the rest of the technology, and sun disc was therefore one of the few ideas Sam Eyde failed to realize.

Instead, built his descendants in 1928 gondola Krossobanen linking the city to the mountains and the sun. The idea of the sun disc was resumed by the artist Martin Andersen. Today the building closest to the sun disc closed and the mirror (heliostats) is installed on the mountain side just north of Rjukan Torg. The 3 heliostats consist of computerized mirrors that follow the suns movement across the horizon and will reflect the suns rays onto the square.

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