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 Kurt Nilsen

Kurt Erik Kleppe Nilsen is a Norwegian pop/country singer. He won the first season of the Norwegian version of the reality television show "Idol", which aired on TV 2 in May 2003.

He subsequently won the title for the "World Idol" on January 1, 2004, singing the hit "Beautiful Day" by U2, beating competitors from ten other nations, including the more famous Idol winners, Britain´s Will Young, and favourite Kelly Clarkson of the United States, and scoring the first place in 10 out of 11 countries eligible to vote for him (Norwegian voters being unable to vote for him).

In 2008, in connection with his latest and country flavoured album Rise To The Occasion Kurt teamed up with American music legend Willie Nelson to perform the old country music standard "Lost Highway". The song was an instant hit in his native Norway and helped him top both the single chart, the album chart and the radio chart all at once.

Late 2013 Kurt Nilsen was asked to join Bjørn Eidsvåg on the single "På rett kjøl", the song has grown to be a success on Norwegian radio.

Kurt Nilsen perform at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert together with Kygo and perform "Firestone" and the remix of a-ha´s classic "Take on Me".

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