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 Barents Sea
 Øvre Pasvik National Park

Kirkenes is a small, modern town with approximately 6.000 inhabitants and all the service you would expect to find in a municipal center. Trade and Industry is agriculture and forestry, mining w/ pellet production, service industries and ship repairs. A meeting place for three countries, Finland, Russia and Norway in an area rich in cultural and scenic experiences that cannot be matched anywhere else.

Kirkenes is the administration center of the municipality of Sør-Varanger, a municipality with approximately 10.000 inhabitants and were people from tree nations, Finns, Lapps and Norwegians have lived together for hundreds of years. The town was almost totally demolished during the Second World War, when the town was designated "Fortress Kirkenes".

Kirkenes is the center of the Barents Region, the region with the richest natural resources in Europe. Kirkenes has developed Norway´s highest level of competence and knowledge in trading with Russia. Kirkenes is also the communication junction when travelling to North-West Russia, with 2 flights from Kirkenes Airport to Murmansk a week, buss departures to Russia every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and links between the Norwegian and the Russian and the Finnish road-system.

Kirkenes has an modern harbour, which can receive ships up to 150.000 tons. Kirkenes offers a range of sights, activities and service to tourists, and is the last destination for the Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten), one of the most famous tourist attractions in Norway.

The World´s Most Beautiful Voyage START and END in Bergen. In the 11-day drama Kirkenes is the last destination for the Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) and offers a range of sights, activities and service to tourists. It´s a voyage like no other. Nothing can compare with it. Nothing about this journey will resemble anything you have ever experienced before. A ticket for the Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) is a ticket to the theatre, an visit to 34 ports in which new acts constantly unfold all around you. See the pictures from the Coastal Steamer taken by one of our passengers.

 Airport Kirkenes Airport  Høybuktmoen
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