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 Selje Monastery

Hoddevik is a village on the Outer Stadlandet. Hoddevik is today best known for a mile-long sandy beach that is considered to be one of Norway´s best surfespots. In fact, many will say that it is one of the world´s best! In Hoddevik it is a year round activity when it comes to surfing.

Beautiful beaches with fine sand stretches between steep mountain slopes and the majestic sea. With its unique coastal landscape, this area is one of the most idyllic places in Norway. The local people have been living here as one with nature for many years, and they have gotten by through fishing and farming. The place has a unique atmosphere that is best be described as a combination of the relaxed environment of an ancient Mediterranean village, and the fantastic Norwegian outback.

StadSurfing and Lapoint Surf School doing surfing all year, and there exists accommodation where both beginners and experienced surfers can meet.

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