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 Henrik Ibsen
 Peer Gynt

Gålå is situated at the top of the Gudbrandsdalen valley, and is a year-round resort. We have snow from early November until April and a range of crosscountry trails and downhill pistes and lifts that are groomed and in operation for as long as possible. The first summer guests usually begin to arrive as the last ski enthusiasts are leaving!

Gålå has a partnership with Sjusjøen, Hafjell, Kvitfjell and Skeikampen, where one can use the same ski pass in all five ski resorts.

Summer at Gålå provides the opportunity for mountaineering, mountain biking, canoeing, walking, riding, swimming or playing tennis in glorious surroundings. Henrik Ibsen´s world famous poetic drama, "Peer Gynt" is performed annually at a site of great natural beauty. A truly memorable experience. Spring with its profusion of wild flowers and the changing colours of Autumn complete the picture.

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