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 Langøya island
 Midnight Sun

Nyksund is a coastal fishing village on the northern part of the island of Langøya in Vesterålen. It´s located about 5 kilometres southeast of Stø, although there is no direct road connection. The only road connection to the isolated village is from the south, coming from the village of Myre, about 10 kilometres away.

People have been living in Nyksund since before recorded history. Until the late 18th century, the population was scarce, but with the rise of commercial trade, Nyksund became an important centre for hundreds of fishermen coming to exploit the rich cod fisheries nearby.

As bigger vessels and road transportation rendered the port obsolete due to its shallow waters and poor road, Nyksund became an isolated outpost with a dwindling population. Finally, measures were made to shut the place down. During the 1970s, the city became a ghost town.

With the turn of the 21st century, after 30 years of erosion, the lights were turned back on in Nyksund. New citizens found the old houses worthwhile. In 2003, the main obstacle to new activity in Nyksund was inadequate infrastructure—be it roads, postal service, or utility services. Modern Nyksund boasts a summer population of 30 to 40 people and about a half-dozen hardy souls remain throughout the harsh winters.

Nyksund is under reconstruction and renovation, and both Norwegians and foreigners are moving here. Today the venerable fishing village promotes itself more and more visibly as a centre for cuisine and art.

Between Nyksund and Stø is the trail "Dronningruta." It is the most famous footpath in Øksnes. Dronningruta is named after Queen Sonja, who have gone this route. Several small islands and islets north of Nyksund and Stø is protected as a nature reserve. This area is an important production area for seabirds and seals.

Anda Island is a nature reserve with a large population of birds and seals located approximately 5 kilometres north of the island of Langøya. Species of birds that can be spotted on the island include the white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), puffins (Fratercula arctica), cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo), shags (Phalacrocorax aristotelis), kittiwakes (Rissa tridactyla), common guillemots (Uria aalge), and razorbills (Alca torda).

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