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 Are Traasdahl

Fannrem village is located along the Orkla River about 5 kilometres south of Orkanger, Thamshavn and Gjølme and about 9 kilometres north of Vormstad. The main city center of Fannrem is mainly composed of service industries, surrounded by residential areas and farms.

Orkel AS is situated in Fannrem, about 45 km southwest of Trondheim, with the river "Orkla", famous for its salmon fishing, as the nearest neighbor. The company is one of the biggest manufacturers of farm machinery in Norway. Tractor trailers, round balers and snow blowers are the main products.

Orkdal Church is located in Fannrem. The church is located in the municipal center, near the Trondheimsfjord. The wooden church was built in 1892, and it was consecrated on 28 April 1892 by the dean, Brodahl. The architect who designed the church was Christian Thams.

The Thamshavn Railway was constructed to carry cuperouspyrite ore from the Løkken Mines. When opened in 1908, it was Norway´s first electrical railway. At present Thamshavn Railway is the world´s oldest alternating- current-driven railway. From the beginning the Thamshavn Railway was carrying passengers, and the passenger trains continued moving until 1963, when the bus system took over. In 1974 when the Løkken mine production was reorganised, the pyrite-ore trains were also taken out of use. In 1982 a new era started in the railway history.

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