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 Plura cave
 Jordbru cave

Plura cave (officially place, but also called Jordbru Cave) is a cave at the top of Plurdalen. The cave was discovered in 1966 by an English cave expedition. The cave is named after the farm Jordbrua a little further down the valley. The cave is located about two kilometers south of the dam at Kallvatnet. Plura cave / Jordbru cave is the largest water filled cave system in Norway. It is therefore interesting to divers. It is unclear just how deep and long cave is, but it is over 130 feet deep and 2,600 feet long.

Plurdalen have much lime soil. The River Plura, from Kallvatnet was great until Kallvatnet was dammed in the mid 1960s. The river washed out the soil, and there become bigger and smaller cave systems several locations in Plurdalen. Plura cave / Jordbru cave is the largest of these. Before Kallvatnet was dammed the river was was impossible to dive in the cave, but after damming Plura is almost dry.

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