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 Jakob Sande

Jakob Sande a Norwegian writer, poet and folk singer was born in 1906 at "Klokkargarden" in Dale. He died in 1967, and during his lifetime he published 9 collections of poetry and 3 collections of short stories. His parents were Andreas Sande and Ragna Margrete (born Barsnes). He married Solveig Ytterlid in 1942 and they had a daughter, Siri, in 1943.

He wrote all his texts in nynorsk, one of the two official Norwegian written language forms. His work helped secure a special place on the Norwegian culture-scene for the municipality Fjaler.

His poems vary from a burlesque and a sometimes grotesque humor as in "Kallen og katten" and "Likfunn" to high emotionality as in "Fløytelåt" and "Vesle Daniel". His beautiful song Det lyser i stille grender is included in most Norwegian books of hymns and is a very popular Christmas song. Many of Jakob Sande´s poems have been set to music. Two of the most popular groups who specialise in Jakob Sande lyrics are "Aftenlandet" and "Jubelhornet".

His career as a writer spanned from 1929 to 1967. He completed his cand philol exam in 1931, but then he went to work at sea as he had been drawn to that life from early on. In 1934 he started to work as a lector in Fredrikstad. After World War II he moved to the same position at Ullern gymnas in Oslo.

In 1963, he decided to quit teaching and devote his life to writing. That year he received a stipend of 15 000 Norwegian kroner and was promised the same for 1964 and 1965.

More info about Jakob Sande at Wikipedia.

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