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Øksfjord is the administrative centre of the municipality. It is located at the mouth of the Øksfjorden on the mainland. The area also has several glaciers. The Øksfjordjøkel glacier is the largest and perhaps the most challenging. The smaller one is Langfjordjøkel.

 Loppa Island  
Loppa Island, birdsanctuary

Bird watchers from far and near visit Loppa´s unique bird sanctuary. The nesting cliff is incredibly steep and dives straight down into the sea and the island has over one hundred different bird species such as puffin, common eider, eagle, owl and grouse. The island is also a true paradise for nature photographers!

Archaeological digs on Loppa Island have confirmed that Finnmark´s first human inhabitants settled down on this island ca. 10.000 years ago. The borough can boast 3 glaciers and Finnmark County´s highest mountain peak. Other places in the borough are dependent on ferries and express boat services.