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Kjøllefjord is the largest fishing village in the northwestern part of Nordkinn Peninsula, located on the shore of a small fjord of the same name, which empties into Laksefjord. Many of Laksefjord´s population have roots in the coastal Saami culture. The Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) has daily departures at Kjøllefjord. Kjøllefjord Church is located in the village.

Finnkjerka which is said to be the most graceful sea cliff in Norway. Finn-Church is a ancient Saami sacrificial site.

One of the largest fish processing and fishing companies in Kjøllefjord is a branch of Havfisk. Another large company is Statkraft. Statkraft constructed a wind farm near the Gartefjellet mountain, with a maximum capacity of 40 megawatts. The 17 wind turbines have an annual power output of 155 gigawatt-hours and provide for the electrical needs of about 6,000 households.

Striptind Havfisk offer daily fishing trips with experienced guides. Experience Laksefjorden and the Nordkyn surroundings, with fantastic possibilities for catching King crab, halibut, cod, pollack and catfish.

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