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Røvær is an idyllic group of islands about 10 km west of the Haugesund mainland. It has about one hundred permanent residents, as well as seasonal residents and visitors who rent vacation homes, stay at the hostel or the hotel. The permanent residents who are not retired support themselves through farming, fishing, at the express boat service, teachers at the island´s local school, at the fish farm (salmon) or commuting to the mainland.

There is regular express boat service between Røvær, Feøy and Haugesund and most residents also own a private boat and a car parked in Haugesund city. The boats have capacity to take one car onboard; a direct route between Røvær and Haugesund takes 25 minutes one way.

Røvær is a living society and trying to survive in a country where the population in the cities is rising and the population in the countryside is decreasing. The weather can be nice in the summer with temperatures between 15 to 27 degrees celsius. Temperature in the winter time is around -5 to +10 degrees celsius.

During World War II the island was occupied by Germans and there is still a concrete pillbox on the highest hill (called Varden). From Varden it is possible to watch the sun go down into the sea (since the air often contains a lot of moisture the sunsets are wonderful.)

Ray Kay the video director for music´s biggest stars is from Haugesund.

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