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 Sjoa River
 lake Gjende

The exciting and stunningly beautiful Sjoa River, one of the best rafting rivers in Europe. provides the outlet from lake Gjende at Gjendesheim in the Jotunheimen mountains of Norway´s Jotunheim National Park. It flows eastward into the Gudbrandsdalslågen river via the Heidal traditional district in the Gudbrandsdal. The scenery and traditions of Heidal, attracts tourists. The river is used for kayaking, rafting and fishing. 13 deaths have occurred in the river, from 1989 to 2010 (including 4 deaths involving a group of tourists in various inflatable "catarafts".

South of the village Randsverk it flows through Ridderspranget - a ravine named after a Norwegian myth. Ridderspranget is a gjel (place) in the river Sjoa. It is formed by the River has gnawed deep into the bedrock, so that erosion has only occurred in the river bottom. Gjelet is named after a legend about Sigvat Leirholar, one of the king´s advisers, who received a letter from a beautiful girl who would marry the knight Eldjarn. The girl would not marry, and Sigvat decided to free her. He rode to Eldjarn farm and picked the girl. Eldjarn chased after them, but had to give up when Sigvat jumped over Sjoa - Ridderspranget.

There are several companies offering rafting, kayaking, riverboarding and other activities in Sjoa and the surrounding area. Some parts of the river are impossible to raft. Some parts are blocked by large rocks which the river flows underneath. These areas are considered "death traps" by the local commercial rafting providers.

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