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 Moods of Norway

Moods of Norway Fashion Show - "Fiddlers & Waltzers"

This year (2014) Moods of Norway is extremely proud to announce that, Moods of Norway is the official designer for the Norwegian Olympic teams´s uniforms in Sochi. This puts the brand in a league with Ralph Lauren, Stella Mc. Carthy and Armani, who are all designing their representative countries uniforms.

Stryn is known for its all year glacier skiing. In the creative cellars of the picturesque town of Stryn, the two designers Simen Staalnacke and Peder Børresen, after years of global travels, international studies and nights of sizzling cocktails, gave birth to a concept soon to be known, worn, and adored; the Moods of Norway. The duo met up with the third musketeer, Stefan Dahlkvist and drew their lines for the coming collections.

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