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Oslo Airport, Fornebu served as the main airport for Oslo and the country since before World War II and until the evening of October 7, 1998, when it was closed down. Overnight, a grand moving operation was performed, so that the following morning, the new main airport, located inland at Gardermoen (OSL), opened for operations as the main airport, as opposed to previously having been a minor airport.

Storøyodden Beach, on Storøyodden, outermost on Storøya. Bathing beach is where the planes took off when Fornebu Oslo Airport until October 1998. About. ten minutes by car from downtown Oslo. Great accessible for handicapped and disabled persons.

As of 2001, the Fornebu area is being developed as a centre for information technology and telecom industry, as well as there being some housing project developments nearby. The head office of some of Norways big companies are located here. Norway´s telecom giant Telenor, Scandinavian Airlines System´s (SAS), Norwegian Air Shuttle, Aker Solution, Statoil, and EVRY is also based at Fornebu.

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