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Di Derre is a Norwegian rock band consisting of Jo Nesbø (vocals, guitar), Espen Stenhammer (drums), Magnus Larsen jr. (bass, vocals), Halvor Holter (keyboards), Unni Wilhelmsen (vocals, guitar), Lars Jones (guitar).

Jo Nesbø´s brother Knut Nesbø (1961-2013) played guitar in the band. Espen Stenhammer took over as drummer after Sverre Beyer (1958-2002), who died of cancer. The group was formed in 1992. Lot of the lyrics deal with places, people and events related to Molde.

The band broke through with their second album "Kvinner & klær" (Women & clothing) (later renamed "Jenter & sånn" in 1994. The album is the band´s biggest selling with over 190,000 copies sold. In 1996 came the album "Gym" which was also well received by the audience.

Since 1998, the band kept a low profile with a few selected concerts here and there. They hold, however, one permanent concert of the year, in his hometown Molde under Moldejazz. Jo Nesbø is still an active musician who tours around the country with a guitar around his neck and a bass player at his side. He has released one solo album that gave us the radio hit "Hope". He has also released several award-winning crime novels about Harry Hole.

Summer and fall of 2006 traveled Di Derre on an extensive tour ending in large parts of the country. In June 2006, they came with collecting album Di best with Di derre, which included a couple of new songs. The response has been "overwhelming", according to the band itself, and they have played to full houses including Bergen and Kristiansund. In connection with the Jazz should band held two concerts, which incidentally was very quickly sold out.

Di derre tend to hold a concert every summer during the "two towers" on the island Jomfruland located outside Kragerø.

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