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Lysaker is the easternmost part of Bærum, and borders Oslo proper. Lysaker was initially a farming community, later becoming a residential area. Today it is primarily known as a business and trade area, and a public transport hub. It is considered part of Greater Oslo (Stor-Oslo), and is home to the offices of numerous national and international businesses.

Lysaker is located where a stream, Lysakerelva, empties into Lysakerfjorden, a branch of the Oslofjorden. This stream is the western border of Oslo proper. To the south-east Lysaker is bordered by the fjord. To the south-west is Fornebu, where one of Oslos two airports were located until Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, was expanded in order to handle all the traffic alone. To the west and north are the primarily residential areas of Stabekk and Jar. To the east is Sollerud and Lilleaker in Ullern borough.

Lysaker is home to numerous businesses, and several companies have international headquarteres there. Among the more notable are the shipping company Wilh. Wilhelmsen, seismic technology company Petroleum Geo-Services, energy company Statkraft and airline Widerøe. Amongst the numerous companies that have national headquarters in Lysaker are frozen foods maker Findus, insurance company If, communications company Nokia and IT-companies Oracle and Microsoft.

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