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 Lomma river

The center now known as Bærums Verk is situated on the site of the old foundry, nestled in a narrow valley along the river Lomma. The buildings straddle the river, with several pedestrian bridges connecting them. The center includes several restaurants, two supermarkets, and several specialty retail stores.

The foundry itself has been converted into a shopping centre. The shopping centre is owned by the Løvenskiold family, who also owns the Maxbo hardware store chain. A museum, featuring ovens produced in the foundry from the 18th century up to 1964, and shops with products handcrafted on site are situated in the old buildings.

Iron ore was found in the areas now known as Kirkerud and Eineåsen in 1603 and 1604, and in 1610 Christian IV granted Paul Smelter the right to build, at his own expense, a foundry in the area. The first foundry was built near the farm of Wøyen, further downriver from today´s Bærums Verk, and then another one at Gommerud, closer.

 Bærums Verk
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