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Færderseilasen, also called Færder´n, is a regatta that held on the second weekend in June in Oslofjorden by the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club. The regatta starts in Oslo for ordinary sailboats and in Son for old yachts. The fastest of the sailboats reach Færder Lighthouse. The endpoint is in Horten. Smaller boats turn around at Hollenderbåen or Medfjordbåen. The regatta is open for any member of the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS), and boats are placed in classes according to their sailing potential. The trip from Oslo to Færder to Horten is about 154 km long.

Færder Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse in the municipality of Tjøme. The lighthouse is located on the archipelago Tristein, three small islands in the outer Oslofjorden. It was first lit in 1857 as a replacement of the former Store Færder Lighthouse. The lighthouse was listed as a protected site in 1997.

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