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 Lovund island

Lovund is an island and village located west of the Solvær islands and southeast of Træna. Lovund is notable for the large Puffin breeding colony located on the rocky north slope of the island. The village of Lovund is located in the northeastern part of the island. Lovund Church, located in the village, serves the people of the island.

Since the old days people have said that the Puffin arrive on the 14th of April. This day is also considered to be the first day of summer. The Puffin at Lovund leave the island at the end of August. Then they fly to their right element, the ocean outside Norway and the North Sea. But every year they return on the 14th of April, and people travel from far away to see these thousand of birds arrive at the same time.

Nova Sea AS was then called the Lovund marine products. Nova Sea is involved in farming, processing and sale of salmon and participation in aquaculture related businesses. With 33.3 wholly and partly owned 4 salmon licenses is Nova Sea AS one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in northern Norway.

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