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 The Statfjord oil field

The Statfjord oil field is an enormous oil and gas field covering 580 km2 in the U.K. - Norwegian boundary of the North Sea at a water depth of 145 meters, discovered in 1974 by Mobil and operated by Statoil since 1987.

It is a trans-median field crossing the Norwegian and UK North Sea Boundary with approximately 15% being in the UK Continental Shelf waters. At peak production it produced over 700,000 barrels of oil per day. Oil is loaded offshore and taken directly to refineries; gas is transported via the Statpipe pipeline to mainland Norway. The Statfjord field has three condeep concrete production platforms, A, B and C. Each platform is made up of approximately 250,000 tonnes of concrete with 40,000 tonnes of top-side processing and accommodation facilities. Statfjord holds the record for the highest daily production ever recorded for a European oil field outside Russia.

Statoil has planned the "late life" of the field and expects to ultimately recover 68% of Oil in Place. but more than 60% have been produced already, leaving modest oil reserves in the order of 300 million barrels (48×106 m3), so the focus will now be placed on extracting the associated natural gas that had been re-injected into the field all over its life. As a mainly natural gas producer, Statfjord is scheduled to remain active until 2019.

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